Are you sure about that?


Yesterday I picked nine tomatoes from my backyard vines. What is amazing to me is that the date was November 5th and the temperature was around 63 degrees. On Sunday, November 2, 2014, it snowed throughout the day but cleared up by the evening. Oh, and did I mention that this is Boston, Massachusetts?

I quickly realized that the weather in Boston is no more quirkier or changeable than I am. In April of this year, I was sure that I would be blogging at least once a week. How hard could it be, I thought, to take twenty or thirty minutes out of my life each week? However, like many people, I have a schedule that includes family, work, house duties, and tons of other activities. If I choose one activity I often cannot complete or participate in another. Somehow I let my blogging go.

One of the reasons that I did so was that I have never been sure how many people actually read this blog therefore is the writing worth the effort? After some thought I realized that of course it is! The reason that I am back writing is that my main reason for blogging is for my own entertainment with the thought that if someone comes across one of my missives that they may have a moment of enjoyment or thought about the subject that I chose to discuss. Either way, there is value to what I am doing so I’ll keep at it.


This spring and summer I had an amazing garden. I also worked conducting staff trainings and event planning. Family visited from Europe and a favorite aunt died suddenly.  I did some traveling with my husband and experienced Yosemite park. A month ago our daughter got married! What an amazing year- I didn’t see it coming…

One thing I am sure of is that life is not perfect but I am perfectly happy to be alive and I am blogging again.

Kim                                                         IMG_20141104_084021051

Music can soothe my soul…


Today was one of those days that I wish I could place in a box and take out whenever I need it. The weather was wonderful. It was warm, sunny, and just plain beautiful.


I am alive, I feel loved and I give love. I saw friends and I spent time with family. The birds were happy with the new feeders. The local cat didn’t catch anyone. I got some gardening done.

There is a lot going on in the world but tonight I am going to take the time to be grateful for my life. I will reflect, relax, and listen to some music because the music can soothe my soul.


I’m praying the same for you.


No March madness here…

Hey something is growing!

Hey something is growing!

A couple of weeks ago I was very upset about the cold and snow of this winter. I whined a little bit but marched on…Now as the middle of March approaches and I can see much of the ground and buds on the trees, I’m feeling happier. I’m pretty sure that the increased sunshine is helping.

I can dream, can't I?

I can dream, can’t I?

Now, I hope to use the extra daylight to get more done! I am not taking the time that I have on this earth for granted. Currently much of the world is consumed with a number of major tragedies that are in the news- including a plane that seems to have disappeared from the sky. Unfortunately, there are many people in pain because of these tragedies and ultimately we will find that humans have created them all.

What time is it?

What time is it?

I haven’t lost hope though, and neither should you. Look to the future, find strength in your faith, and then do something positive. March is national Women’s month so I’ll leave you with an inspiring quote from an interesting woman:

Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.”
  – Eleanor Roosevelt

Her words are part of my plan so I’m not mad, I’m determined!






I’m trying to hold on but Spring better get here fast!


Yes it's cold. Deal with it!

Yes it’s cold. Deal with it!

A couple of weeks ago I felt warm, fuzzy, and full of love.

Valentine’s Day was a great opportunity to think about the people, places, and things that I  love. Sure it was snowing again but this is New England so that is to be expected. Well guess what? My disposition, much like the weather, has changed for the worse.

Saturday is the first day of March and I have to say that I am sick of this weather. I am annoyed, fed up, done with the snow. Unfortunately, the snow is not done with me. I believe that we are expecting another storm in two days. I was listening to internet radio in Chicago, Illinois and they will have it worse. That is no solace to me and makes me feel bad for them.

Winter trees

I find myself wondering what happened to the kid that enjoyed snow and the young adult who thought that snow was so romantic? Oh, I know where she went…hey she’s older and wiser and having a harder time shoveling all of the snow!

So welcome to my world and indulge me in my negativity just this once. When Spring comes I will be very happy. March, 20, 2014- I am counting the days….


Wake me when it's over!

Wake me when it’s over!


Thinking about love? Always!


Yes, it is that time of year again when we all think about love. For some of us there is much happiness, for others there may be sadness and pain.

I am on the side of happiness. I have had plenty of emotional pain in my life. I understand how that pain can be exacerbated during the week of Valentine’s Day. I remember the games and one-upsmenship that used to be played in my office: who got flowers, who’s flowers came first, who’s dating, etc. I finally got wise and understood that our commercial culture pushes those ideas so that we will buy things to make us feel better. Now I’m all about buying things if you can afford them and want to, but I don’t think that “things” are proof of love.       90734

Once I realized that I can choose to control how I feel about this or any other holiday, I realized that I can also choose to enjoy or be upset. I choose happiness. First of all, I believe that I am loved by God. Secondly, I love God. Lastly, but no less important, I choose to love many people and I am loved by them!

So Valentine’s Day does not have to be about romantic love alone it can be about love. My God, my family and friends, my cats, birds, turtle, flowers, creativity, etc. There is much for me to love. Am I thinking about love? Always!

Kim        DSC_1478

A New year with many possibilities…


Hartwell Town Forest, Bedford, MA

Today I have the luxury of sitting in my warm house during a snow storm. The electricity is still on and the internet is paid for and working. My life has not always been this cozy but I learned very early in life that if you make it through the night a new day offers positive change and opportunity. I am alive and excited about the possibilities in my future. I am praying the same for you…Happy New Year!




DSC_6607_Hyde Park, MA

I hope that you are feeling the love…



Wow! I can’t believe that the end of the year will occur in just a few weeks. It is December and both my birthday and Christmas are coming. My birthday is a reminder to me that I am alive and that for me,  living is the best gift of all! Christmas is also very important to me. Fortunately, this works in my favor since it is nearly impossible to avoid Christmas religiously or secularly in America.

Old Church in South Natick, MA I am a person of faith so attending church and celebrating the birth of Christ  is a fulfilling experience and comfort to me.  I also enjoy the secular aspects of Christmas- giving brings me much joy and Christmas lights in this dark time of winter are both practical and fun.





I understand that my feelings may not resonate with those who are having a hard time during this time of year. They may be lonely, sick,or  feeling down. This world gives us plenty of reasons to feel unhappy. I acknowledge those feelings and admit to wrestling with them on occasion- they are real.

However, I want you to know that whatever you are going through  I am thinking about you especially at this time of year and I hope that you are feeling the love that I have for you…



Looking back but thinking ahead…


What a week it has been in Boston, Massachusetts! This week appeared to be the first “real” week of spring. The weather has been beautiful and just warm enough to let us know that winter has passed. Unfortunately, there has been unexpected tragedy in Boston this week with the bombing of the Boston Marathon.

Like most who are aware of this terrible event, I and my loved ones are safe. We are sad for everyone who has been physically and emotionally harmed, especially those connected to the people who were killed. Of course, there is also some fear and anger about such an event and oh so many questions. Who would do such a thing? Why? Will they be caught and punished?


There are many people who are working to answer these questions and lots of discussion about it so I won’t venture too deeply into this emotional and trauma inducing territory. Just let me say that terrible, tragic,  and evil events happen everyday here and around the world. Somehow we humans manage to continue to live and dream of a more peaceful and pain free future. As our ancestors have done, we remember, we grieve, we learn and move forward. We don’t forget the pain but we get over the fear and move forward.

I pray for emotional health and peace for you and for me. I’m looking back but thinking ahead.



Mistakes were made…

late spring decorating


I am a big believer in plans. I believe that plans can help us to avoid some of the problems that result from not thinking ahead. I know that I am not in control of the cosmos and that anything can happen, but I don’t want to add to any unpleasantness that may result from a thoughtless mistake. Of course, I have made plenty of mistakes despite my beliefs. Fortunately,  I have learned a lot as a result.

One of the most important lessons I have learned is that some times we make mistakes that result in a benefit for us. I made a couple of big mistakes when I decided to work on my gardens this year. I committed the first one back in June. For some reason I planted many items later than I should have. Among the many plants that I tried to grow, I picked a couple of plants that I thought were perennials and they were, but not for New England! I wasn’t sure that the various plants would grow to maturity or that they would survive our incredibly hot summer. The only thing I was sure about was that I enjoyed the process.

I enjoyed purchasing the plants and seeds and I saved money because most of them were discounted.  I looked to various sources for inspiration: the New England Flower Show, magazines, the gardens of my neighbors and more. I considered the birds and other wildlife that inhabit or pass through my city yard. When considering the design of my front yard, I thought about the children who pass by on their way to school. I love seeing them smile about the birds or some surprise that they spy in the yard. 

The second mistake occurred in July when my helpful neighbor cut down a bush and a tree that bothered both of us. I had discussed both plants with him at an earlier time and he volunteered to trim them but  he actually cut them both down completely! There was a gaping hole between our homes that used to be filled and allowed for privacy- suddenly that was gone. My neighbor apologized profusely and I was left to wonder what to do about the space.

the tree is gone…

I ended up decorating a space on the fence and was able to attach some trellis wood to the fence and container plants to the trellis. Two different hydrangea plants that were shaded in the past, began to receive light and are doing better than ever. Not only that, but my neighbor and I are better friends because of the incident. We talk more because we can actually see each other!



So once again I learned another life lesson; despite planning and dedication, mistakes are likely, and can sometimes make things better. Here’s hoping there are good things in your life no matter what mistakes you have made.



Sometimes you get what you ask for…

Front spring garden

I cannot believe that it has been 8 weeks since I last posted. I believe I was complaining about the weather and prolonged gray sky at that time and one of my favorite outdoor cats had died. Since then, I have been fortunate to be very busy living life and remaining in good health. I hope that you are having the latter experience.

During the last couple of months, I have been invited to graduations and weddings and I have had guests over for meals. The weather has been fantastic! A New England spring and summer cannot be beat. Cool mornings, hot days, and warm nights are wonderful.


The birds chirping and beautiful flowers (both wild and cultivated) make my heart sing. I’m busy but not too busy to share my thoughts and experiences with you. If I am talking to myself it is still worth it to put into words a reminder of how the experience of life is a gift. Sometimes you get what you ask for and it is good.