Music can soothe my soul…


Today was one of those days that I wish I could place in a box and take out whenever I need it. The weather was wonderful. It was warm, sunny, and just plain beautiful.


I am alive, I feel loved and I give love. I saw friends and I spent time with family. The birds were happy with the new feeders. The local cat didn’t catch anyone. I got some gardening done.

There is a lot going on in the world but tonight I am going to take the time to be grateful for my life. I will reflect, relax, and listen to some music because the music can soothe my soul.


I’m praying the same for you.


1 thought on “Music can soothe my soul…

  1. Am I correct if I say that music can be advantageous to soothe someone’s blues, it can only do so when the music corresponds to the need of the individual? Like, if you just had a breakup, it’s not recommended to listen to sad song because it might aggravate the sorrow.

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