Let’s march into spring! Please…


I hesitate to make a joke about the horrible weather we are having in New England because that would be expected and childish. But what’s wrong with fulfilling people’s expectations and having a few laughs? Nature has dumped more than 100 inches of snow on Boston, Massachusetts and if you don’t think that is funny you might go crazy.

The only thing giving me solace is my dream of attending the horticultural show in the middle of March. I have dreams of spring but fear that snow will prevent me from attending the show. I have been receiving seed catalogs and when my mail shows up it is often a magazine beckoning me to start planting something.

DSC_2138I am trying very hard to appreciate the present. The snow has given me opportunities to spend more time inside with my family. The snow has given me a way to exercise outdoors. Shoveling snow burns a lot of calories of course it also makes me want to drink hot chocolate or eat a brownie but I digress. Two of the things I enjoy most is watching the birds eat everything I can throw at them and observing the foot prints of many interesting animals.

Hartwell Town Forest, Bedford, MAI truly hope that the next time that I write a post that the weather has improved and that I have lovely pictures from the show. If that doesn’t happen I will bring a better attitude and attempt a joke or two.

Take care,