Starting over during COVID-19…

There is an virus that has been traveling through the world creating havoc and loss and brought with it fear and pain. I won’t spend time here giving details about it because any one reading this should already know. There are articles and broadcasts bombarding us everyday and we have to choose what to do with this information. I have decided to do a number of things as I ride out this pandemic. You will read about some of them if you return for a visit and I am still here. Right now, I’m back and I’m still here.

I haven’t posted for a long, long, time. I think I lost my passion to share when I realized that so much of what is posted on the net is posted specifically for financial gain. I believe in the right to make money. I love dressing teddy bears for special occasions and selling them. I thought that doing so was a reasonable thing to do since I was already talking about things in my life that I find interesting. The problem is that the web, in general, is so “in your face” that I started to feel uncomfortable. I felt too small to be interesting so I stopped.

Now that I am home quarantining and it has been about eight weeks, I am doing what many of you are doing; reassessing the way that I live and use my time. This is one of the ironies of COVID-19, if you manage to stay healthy, you have time on your hands.

Oh, sure I have plenty to do but there also a lot of things that I cannot do since the state of Massachusetts is shut down. I have the same 24 hours that I used to have but I’m not using time to travel, run lots of errands and other things. I can use that time in another way and I have decided to use some of it to get back to blogging. I want to share stories about some of what I am doing because I can’t come see you and you might be wondering about me or just getting to know me- since you probably have some time right now too. Try to stay safe and healthy. That’s what I’m doing. Hello again but bye for now.


Spring is finally here

After what seemed like a long winter, and now a difficult spring due to COVID-19, spring is finally here and flowers have been blooming.

The first flowers are always crocuses in our neighborhood. It is always nice to see that flowers bloom where nobody has planted them.

The tulips are always so beautiful to see and it is especially nice to see multi-colored flowers.

Always love the beautiful magnolia flowers, but sadly they never last too long.

Love those cherry blossoms. Fortunately there are many beautiful trees like that in our neighborhood.

This year, we had a little bit of snow after the magnolia tree started to bloom, but fortunately it didn’t affect the tree too much.

Similarly, the crocus blooms were covered in snow as well.

After this day, we have been moving towards spring and more and more flowers started to open up.

Today I will close with a photo of some more cherry blossoms. Thank you for visiting our website!