Mistakes were made…

late spring decorating


I am a big believer in plans. I believe that plans can help us to avoid some of the problems that result from not thinking ahead. I know that I am not in control of the cosmos and that anything can happen, but I don’t want to add to any unpleasantness that may result from a thoughtless mistake. Of course, I have made plenty of mistakes despite my beliefs. Fortunately,  I have learned a lot as a result.

One of the most important lessons I have learned is that some times we make mistakes that result in a benefit for us. I made a couple of big mistakes when I decided to work on my gardens this year. I committed the first one back in June. For some reason I planted many items later than I should have. Among the many plants that I tried to grow, I picked a couple of plants that I thought were perennials and they were, but not for New England! I wasn’t sure that the various plants would grow to maturity or that they would survive our incredibly hot summer. The only thing I was sure about was that I enjoyed the process.

I enjoyed purchasing the plants and seeds and I saved money because most of them were discounted.  I looked to various sources for inspiration: the New England Flower Show, magazines, the gardens of my neighbors and more. I considered the birds and other wildlife that inhabit or pass through my city yard. When considering the design of my front yard, I thought about the children who pass by on their way to school. I love seeing them smile about the birds or some surprise that they spy in the yard. 

The second mistake occurred in July when my helpful neighbor cut down a bush and a tree that bothered both of us. I had discussed both plants with him at an earlier time and he volunteered to trim them but  he actually cut them both down completely! There was a gaping hole between our homes that used to be filled and allowed for privacy- suddenly that was gone. My neighbor apologized profusely and I was left to wonder what to do about the space.

the tree is gone…

I ended up decorating a space on the fence and was able to attach some trellis wood to the fence and container plants to the trellis. Two different hydrangea plants that were shaded in the past, began to receive light and are doing better than ever. Not only that, but my neighbor and I are better friends because of the incident. We talk more because we can actually see each other!



So once again I learned another life lesson; despite planning and dedication, mistakes are likely, and can sometimes make things better. Here’s hoping there are good things in your life no matter what mistakes you have made.



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