I hope that you are feeling the love…



Wow! I can’t believe that the end of the year will occur in just a few weeks. It is December and both my birthday and Christmas are coming. My birthday is a reminder to me that I am alive and that for me,  living is the best gift of all! Christmas is also very important to me. Fortunately, this works in my favor since it is nearly impossible to avoid Christmas religiously or secularly in America.

Old Church in South Natick, MA I am a person of faith so attending church and celebrating the birth of Christ  is a fulfilling experience and comfort to me.  I also enjoy the secular aspects of Christmas- giving brings me much joy and Christmas lights in this dark time of winter are both practical and fun.





I understand that my feelings may not resonate with those who are having a hard time during this time of year. They may be lonely, sick,or  feeling down. This world gives us plenty of reasons to feel unhappy. I acknowledge those feelings and admit to wrestling with them on occasion- they are real.

However, I want you to know that whatever you are going through  I am thinking about you especially at this time of year and I hope that you are feeling the love that I have for you…