Warm and happy

What is it about the warm rays of the sun that make you smile? I find that even when the weather is cold, the warm rays of the sun make me smile. Believe me, I have many things to be concerned about in life right now but I appreciate any opportunity to smile.

This winter was cold but relatively dry and we had very little snow. I live in an old house and it gets quite cold in the winter. I have turned up the heat (very expensive) more often than I like in order to stay warm inside but a sun beam coming through the window makes me happy. I anticipate the good times that come with warm weather.

Over the past few days our New England weather has been incredible. Most of last week consisted of sunny days with temperatures in the 7o’s and even low 80’s! Plants are blossoming earlier than ever, birds are chirping and pairing up and I am thinking about my future garden.

Today I found some hyacinths growing up from under a pile of mulch behind my garage. I bought the plants last year and they were labeled as annuals. When they expired, I took them out of the pot and threw them in the mulch pile. Imagine my surprise when my husband and I were working in the back yard, looked behind the garage,  and two beautiful purple hyacinths were sticking out of the mulch pile! When I thought that things couldn’t get any better, my husband noticed one of the neighborhood cats sleeping in a pile of leaves near the flowers. Come on, you know that image makes you smile…

I’m sorry that I neglected my posts for a while but I’m back along with the spring. I will continue to muse and amuse if I can. Right now I’m feeling warm and happy and I hope that you are too.