Spring is on it’s way!


What a strange and long winter. I spent half of it panicking that a repeat of winter 2015 was going to occur. I expected tons of snow, lots of shoveling, and lots of complaining. Fortunately, the only negative fulfilled was the complaining part. Come on, I live in New England!

There were several snow storms that caused lots of damage to plants and closed schools but nothing like 2015. We were cold but not as cold as usual. It’s just that winter dragged on. It was cloudy and dark and so were my moods. I finally bought some daylight light bulbs and they helped lift my mood some.


My husband and I experienced great joy when we received wonderful news this winter; our daughter and son -in- law are expecting! They are not finding out the gender of the baby ahead of time so there is lots of mystery and surprise in our future.

We also experienced some sadness because our out door stray cat was hit by a car. She survived and somehow made it back to our house and the shelter we built for her. Sadly, we had to give her up to an animal shelter that promised to fix her up (a long term process) and give her a forever home.

So despite complaining, my feelings have been mostly up this winter. I am ready for spring and the hope that it symbolizes. I am grateful to be alive under all circumstances and have much to be thankful for. I was excited by the hawk that my husband wrote about in the last blog entry. I love nature because it continues on despite the efforts of humankind to overpower it. The future is open and bright. The Boston Flower Show is next week so things are looking up already! I pray that life is kind to you.

Kim                                          DSC_2427