Sometimes you get what you ask for…

Front spring garden

I cannot believe that it has been 8 weeks since I last posted. I believe I was complaining about the weather and prolonged gray sky at that time and one of my favorite outdoor cats had died. Since then, I have been fortunate to be very busy living life and remaining in good health. I hope that you are having the latter experience.

During the last couple of months, I have been invited to graduations and weddings and I have had guests over for meals. The weather has been fantastic! A New England spring and summer cannot be beat. Cool mornings, hot days, and warm nights are wonderful.


The birds chirping and beautiful flowers (both wild and cultivated) make my heart sing. I’m busy but not too busy to share my thoughts and experiences with you. If I am talking to myself it is still worth it to put into words a reminder of how the experience of life is a gift. Sometimes you get what you ask for and it is good.



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