Who knew and who knows?

So often in life, one wonders if they would have changed their past if they had current information. In this month, September 2020, we are at least six months into the Covid 19 epidemic. There is debate about when the government became aware of it’s presence and there are still citizens who don’t want to believe that it exists despite the over 170, 000 fellow citizens who have died from the virus.

I believe the Covid 19 virus exists and I have behaved accordingly. I wear a mask in public, I wash my hands constantly, use sanitizer on all appropriate things and avoid crowds too. The thing is, despite all of my precautions, it is still possible that I might become infected. The only thing that I can be sure of is the way that I think and feel about what is going on around me.

I have fought cancer twice in my life. I was afraid of dying from it; despite my being a person of faith. My fear of course, was of the unknown. What I did then is the same thing that I am doing now; I do what is recommended by science experts and I remind myself of the wonderful experiences that I have had in life. My goal is not to prepare to die, but to be content with my life in the present. Worry is not a helpful emotion.

So, I am acknowledging that the country is a little crazy right now and there are all sorts of disturbing events occurring. Yet, I am alive to experience it all and to control what I can. I will continue to share love and seek joy (often while wearing a mask!) As for the rest…who knows?