I’m back and I missed you!


What a year this has been and I am grateful for it!

I have spent a lot of time this year marveling in simple things. After having spent so much of my adult life attending to others due to their needs or my own, I have slowed down with purpose.

Several years ago I had breast cancer. After my diagnosis, my family and friends and  I dealt with it as best we could. We learned what we could about the disease, we prayed and I took advantage of the medical miracles available to me.

I was very seriously ill and initially, very scared to die. I had surgery and chemotherapy and lost my hair. Nausea was a constant but I wasn’t like many of my breast cancer sisters who lose their appetite- I was hungry- a lot; but most food tasted awful and metallic. Non of this stopped me from eating it only postponed when I could eat. Surprisingly I did not gain weight during  treatment. My husband used to tell me that maybe that helped me to survive. I wasn’t skeletal and my body had calories to sustain it while it did battle for me against the cancer.                                                  DSC_8748_

Well this year is my eighth year of survival and I will tell you what I have learned: I learned that bad things happen to everyone including me but not especially me. I also learned that I fear how I am going to die but accept that I am going to die at some point- and so are you! I have also learned that my faith life is essential to me and an essential part of me. I didn’t become super human or super special because I had a brush with death but I am super appreciative that I am here today.

I spent this spring and summer working and playing hard. This fall I am slowing down, thinking about life, thanking God and thinking about you. I’m back and I missed you. Let’s get reacquainted!

Kim        73329