Are you sure about that?


Yesterday I picked nine tomatoes from my backyard vines. What is amazing to me is that the date was November 5th and the temperature was around 63 degrees. On Sunday, November 2, 2014, it snowed throughout the day but cleared up by the evening. Oh, and did I mention that this is Boston, Massachusetts?

I quickly realized that the weather in Boston is no more quirkier or changeable than I am. In April of this year, I was sure that I would be blogging at least once a week. How hard could it be, I thought, to take twenty or thirty minutes out of my life each week? However, like many people, I have a schedule that includes family, work, house duties, and tons of other activities. If I choose one activity I often cannot complete or participate in another. Somehow I let my blogging go.

One of the reasons that I did so was that I have never been sure how many people actually read this blog therefore is the writing worth the effort? After some thought I realized that of course it is! The reason that I am back writing is that my main reason for blogging is for my own entertainment with the thought that if someone comes across one of my missives that they may have a moment of enjoyment or thought about the subject that I chose to discuss. Either way, there is value to what I am doing so I’ll keep at it.


This spring and summer I had an amazing garden. I also worked conducting staff trainings and event planning. Family visited from Europe and a favorite aunt died suddenly.  I did some traveling with my husband and experienced Yosemite park. A month ago our daughter got married! What an amazing year- I didn’t see it coming…

One thing I am sure of is that life is not perfect but I am perfectly happy to be alive and I am blogging again.

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Recently, I spent a Saturday evening with my daughter. She made a wonderful dinner and then we watched one of my favorite movies, “To Sir, with love.” For those who do not know the story it is about an unemployed engineer who manages to get a job teaching at a lowly resourced school in England. It is the early 1960’s. He is single, handsome and black. All of these attributes are essential to the story and to me, the outcome of the story is inspirational. The teens start out hating him. They learn life lessons from him and eventually respect and love him. This movie has inspired many to become teachers. 

I told my daughter that it seems that there are a number of movies that prove to be inspirational to people and make them want to work in the field that the star of the film is employed in. I could easily think of several of these:
To Sir with love- teacher
The Miracle Worker- teacher
To Kill a Mockingbird- lawyer
I get such wonderful feelings from movies like these and I have taught and worked in the legal field. How about you? Is there a movie that you enjoy that made you consider a field of employment even if you didn’t go into it?
File this musing under shared experiences…