Starting over…



Union Station DC

Our summer and fall have been full. We’ve had celebrations, funerals, job changes, illnesses, wellness, and life keeps on happening.

When my husband and I first began blogging we had some similar and some different ideas about content. He wanted to spend time sharing and teaching about photography. I wanted to spend time sharing about nature in the city and life in general. We both wanted to be able to offer various items that we produced for sale.

still growing...

still growing…

Time has passed and we are rethinking our site. If you have been following us we thank you. If you stumbled upon us, we will get better.

Give us a bit more time and we will begin the new year with content that will be fresh and keep you coming back for more.

Thank you!

Kim & Lars Waldmann

Summer time is the time for change…


Wow! Time keeps moving along whether we are ready for it or not. My husband and I will be updating this site over the summer and hope to bring you new and interesting articles, tutorials, and items.

We hope that you have a fun filled and sun filled summer; along with good health and the opportunity to enjoy it.          DSC_8776_

We will see you back here by the end of the summer. Be careful out there!

Kim                           P1000517


I’m in the mood for….





Spring! Last week I attended the annual flower show at the Boston Seaport Center. The weather cooperated. There was no snow or rain and the sun was shining despite the cold weather. The more than 108 inches of snow seems to have melted down to 12 or so inches and open pavement can be seen.

My husband and I ventured into town on the train which was free that day as a thank you to folks who were inconvenienced by the terrible weather over the past 6 weeks.

DSC_2312The flowers were beautiful and left me feeling happy and hopeful. I don’t have a lot to say today except stay positive even when it is difficult to do so. Our attitude is the only thing we have full control over. That is my intent.


Take care!



Let’s march into spring! Please…


I hesitate to make a joke about the horrible weather we are having in New England because that would be expected and childish. But what’s wrong with fulfilling people’s expectations and having a few laughs? Nature has dumped more than 100 inches of snow on Boston, Massachusetts and if you don’t think that is funny you might go crazy.

The only thing giving me solace is my dream of attending the horticultural show in the middle of March. I have dreams of spring but fear that snow will prevent me from attending the show. I have been receiving seed catalogs and when my mail shows up it is often a magazine beckoning me to start planting something.

DSC_2138I am trying very hard to appreciate the present. The snow has given me opportunities to spend more time inside with my family. The snow has given me a way to exercise outdoors. Shoveling snow burns a lot of calories of course it also makes me want to drink hot chocolate or eat a brownie but I digress. Two of the things I enjoy most is watching the birds eat everything I can throw at them and observing the foot prints of many interesting animals.

Hartwell Town Forest, Bedford, MAI truly hope that the next time that I write a post that the weather has improved and that I have lovely pictures from the show. If that doesn’t happen I will bring a better attitude and attempt a joke or two.

Take care,





Didn’t see that one coming…

Hartwell Town Forest, Bedford, MA

In my last post I spoke about the winter holiday time as a time that I love. Today my love is being tested by the first blizzard of 2015.

I live in Boston, Massachusetts and in Boston we say that if you don’t like the weather just wait a minute. Most New England residents love the four seasons and that is why we continue to live here. Weather talk is a large part of our lives. We revel in both loving and hating  the conditions and temperatures. What is fascinating to me is that no matter how much weather I experience I am still able to be surprised by it.

The weather reporters have been talking about this snowstorm for several days but were afraid to commit to snowfall amounts because they know that the rest of us will complain if they are wrong. What they don’t seem to realize is that we will complain if they are right too!     Hartwell Town Forest, Bedford, MA

I have decided that for this storm I will not complain and I will be grateful for a number of things: My family members are warm, safe, and accounted for, I have a home that I am in and I am warm, and finally, for now it looks beautiful outside.

I pray that you have all of these things as well, if not- just wait a few minutes…

Kim       Hyde Park, MA




My favorite time of year…

November Mandevilla

November Mandevilla

A few weeks ago the temperature in Boston, Massachusetts was in the 60s and 70s. I had flowers growing in my garden in the middle of November. This is somewhat unusual. Today the temps are in the 30s and it is snowing. I will state the obvious and say that winter is actually here now. In many ways I am happy to see it.

Oh I hate being extremely cold. The kind of cold that makes you scrunch up your face and complete whatever outdoor activity that you have as quickly as you can but cold, no wind and bright skies- I can deal with. Also, my  birthday is this month so I am happy to be alive no  matter what the weather is like!

winter floral arrangement

winter floral arrangement

This is my favorite time of year because Thanksgiving gives you a chance to see people you love and eat food of types and quantities that you don’t usually. I already stated that my birthday is in December and I truly enjoy both the religious and secular aspects of Christmas.

I’m sure that you are as busy as I am right now so I want to take the time to wish for you a wonderful, happy and warm holiday season. Look as the bright side if you are busy, you have a life! Yep, it’s my favorite time of year…



Everything changes- often for the good!

73329I went outside to feed the birds this morning and the water that remained from our last rain has frozen. I was just about to think something negative when I heard a click, click, click. I looked up and saw a Blue Jay sitting in our Magnolia tree eating one of the peanuts that I put out.

Oh there is no denying it the season has changed, but I realize that I shouldn’t be upset about the season that went away. In fact, the season that approaches and is here is fantastic in its own way. In the summer, I may not have seen the Jay and now that the leaves are gone I can see him or her in their glory smashing nuts. I love it!

DSC_2658            Over the last two years I have watched this little red kitty turn into this gorgeous big red kitty…



He’s only gotten better with time. I pray the same for you and me!


Are you sure about that?


Yesterday I picked nine tomatoes from my backyard vines. What is amazing to me is that the date was November 5th and the temperature was around 63 degrees. On Sunday, November 2, 2014, it snowed throughout the day but cleared up by the evening. Oh, and did I mention that this is Boston, Massachusetts?

I quickly realized that the weather in Boston is no more quirkier or changeable than I am. In April of this year, I was sure that I would be blogging at least once a week. How hard could it be, I thought, to take twenty or thirty minutes out of my life each week? However, like many people, I have a schedule that includes family, work, house duties, and tons of other activities. If I choose one activity I often cannot complete or participate in another. Somehow I let my blogging go.

One of the reasons that I did so was that I have never been sure how many people actually read this blog therefore is the writing worth the effort? After some thought I realized that of course it is! The reason that I am back writing is that my main reason for blogging is for my own entertainment with the thought that if someone comes across one of my missives that they may have a moment of enjoyment or thought about the subject that I chose to discuss. Either way, there is value to what I am doing so I’ll keep at it.


This spring and summer I had an amazing garden. I also worked conducting staff trainings and event planning. Family visited from Europe and a favorite aunt died suddenly.  I did some traveling with my husband and experienced Yosemite park. A month ago our daughter got married! What an amazing year- I didn’t see it coming…

One thing I am sure of is that life is not perfect but I am perfectly happy to be alive and I am blogging again.

Kim                                                         IMG_20141104_084021051

Music can soothe my soul…


Today was one of those days that I wish I could place in a box and take out whenever I need it. The weather was wonderful. It was warm, sunny, and just plain beautiful.


I am alive, I feel loved and I give love. I saw friends and I spent time with family. The birds were happy with the new feeders. The local cat didn’t catch anyone. I got some gardening done.

There is a lot going on in the world but tonight I am going to take the time to be grateful for my life. I will reflect, relax, and listen to some music because the music can soothe my soul.


I’m praying the same for you.


Boston Flower Show 2014

Last week I had the pleasure to enjoy the Boston Flower Show with Kim. We always enjoy seeing flowers at the show while we are otherwise still waiting for spring to come. This show always makes us look  forward to spring.

Attached to this post are my favorite photos from the day. Please enjoy…

Thanks for stopping by,