My favorite time of year…

November Mandevilla

November Mandevilla

A few weeks ago the temperature in Boston, Massachusetts was in the 60s and 70s. I had flowers growing in my garden in the middle of November. This is somewhat unusual. Today the temps are in the 30s and it is snowing. I will state the obvious and say that winter is actually here now. In many ways I am happy to see it.

Oh I hate being extremely cold. The kind of cold that makes you scrunch up your face and complete whatever outdoor activity that you have as quickly as you can but cold, no wind and bright skies- I can deal with. Also, my  birthday is this month so I am happy to be alive no  matter what the weather is like!

winter floral arrangement

winter floral arrangement

This is my favorite time of year because Thanksgiving gives you a chance to see people you love and eat food of types and quantities that you don’t usually. I already stated that my birthday is in December and I truly enjoy both the religious and secular aspects of Christmas.

I’m sure that you are as busy as I am right now so I want to take the time to wish for you a wonderful, happy and warm holiday season. Look as the bright side if you are busy, you have a life! Yep, it’s my favorite time of year…



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