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Fall is in full swing

After we had a very dry summer, I was curious how fall foliage would turn out this year. It is nearly impossible to accurately predict how the fall colors turn out in a given year, which is nice, since it … Continue reading

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Dinner time for a hawk

Not too far away from our house is the Blue Hills Reservation. One of my favorite places there is Houghton’s Pond, a beautiful pond that is open for swimming in the summer, too. I do enjoy the pond throughout the … Continue reading

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Boston Flower Show 2014

Last week I had the pleasure to enjoy the Boston Flower Show with Kim. We always enjoy seeing flowers at the show while we are otherwise still waiting for spring to come. This show always makes us look  forward to … Continue reading

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C-22 Film processing

Recently a friend asked me to develop (and scan and print, if successful) a roll of Kodacolor-X from her Brownie Reflex camera. This film uses the C-22 process, which is the precessor to the current C-41 process. Upon researching more … Continue reading

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A Storm

A couple of days ago my family went to a restaurant at Quincy Shore Drive for dinner. From this location one can see the skyline of Boston. That evening a rainstorm was brewing over the ocean and we got to … Continue reading

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A couple of weeks ago while we were waiting for hot summer temperatures to arrive, we had a lot of heavy rain which caused flooding in some areas. One evening after the rain just stopped, we saw a beautiful rainbow … Continue reading

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The Signs of Spring

  Spring is finally here. Cherry and apple trees are in full blossom. I especially like to see wild trees in blossom in the forest that have not been planted by people. Last week I saw quite a few of … Continue reading

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The case for DNG files

Whether we like it or not, Adobe Digital Negative (DNG) files are the future. More and more compact and more advanced digital cameras are capable to produce raw files. Raw files differ from JPG files in that they contain more … Continue reading

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Winter Impressions

In the last two weeks we had a lot more snow, including a major snow storm that gave us about 24″ (~60 cm) of snow. Because temperatures kept increasing shortly after the snowfall, most of the snow disappeared almost immediately. … Continue reading

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A selection of photos

Today I will post photos from last weekend that do not have a common theme. I will describe a little bit about each photo. During a cold winter morning, the rays of morning sunlight shine through trees in Billerica, MA. … Continue reading

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