A couple of weeks ago while we were waiting for hot summer temperatures to arrive, we had a lot of heavy rain which caused flooding in some areas.

One evening after the rain just stopped, we saw a beautiful rainbow at the end of our street just outside of our house. The sun was also about to set at the same time. We had perfect conditions for a beautiful rainbow.

The challenge was for me to find a spot for a nice photo, knowing that rainbows vanish very quickly. My first instinct was to get some photos right outside our house. After I got the first couple of shots I could be more deliberate about finding a better setting for the rainbow. I found it across from our house in a school yard, which provided a beautiful backdrop to the rainbow.

While I had quickly grabbed a wide-angle lens, an extreme wide-angle lens would be needed to cover a full rainbow. So I decided to stitch several photos together instead, which worked really well.

Here are a couple of examples:5 4 3 1 2

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