Winter Impressions

In the last two weeks we had a lot more snow, including a major snow storm that gave us about 24″ (~60 cm) of snow. Because temperatures kept increasing shortly after the snowfall, most of the snow disappeared almost immediately.

We still have several weeks of winter left, although the warmer temperatures make us wonder every time if we are done with winter yet.

The photos from a beach are from West Haven, CT. The light had such a special quality and beauty.

A selection of photos

Today I will post photos from last weekend that do not have a common theme. I will describe a little bit about each photo.


During a cold winter morning, the rays of morning sunlight shine through trees in Billerica, MA.


On a branch a few colorful leaves from the fall are left behind and coated with frost on the edges, reminding me of the last season before our currently very frigid temperatures.


During a walk in our neighborhood we came across this house with a tuxedo cat. Our pets have a life of their own when we are not around.


Trees on the Neponset River.


Leopard in the Stone Zoo (Stoneham, MA). When we got there first, the leopard was taking a cat nap on the rock, and then got up.


Flamingos in Stone Zoo. Here a young flamingo is fed by a parent.


During the 1950s a Nike missile battery was stationed in Blue Hills. The missile launch area was typically at least half a mile away from the radar control area. This is what is left of the missile launch area. The steel covers in the ground mark the location where the missiles were held in their launch position.


A path in Blue Hills near the missile launch area with an underground natural gas pipeline, hence the fairly straight, cleared path. Somebody in the area’s administration has a good sense of humor, calling these paths “Pipe Line” on official maps.


The last photo for today is from Ponkapoag Pond. On the other side is the boardwalk that I have posted photos from before. A little bit of ice was on the edge of the lake. The hill in the background is Great Blue Hill.

Thank you for joining my little trip through our area.

A plant study


To follow my own advice, I used some nice Ilford b/w film (HP5+) and looked in our backyard for some plant details that stood out. To my delight, I found a lot of interesting plant and flower details.