How to stay photographically creative

This morning I went for my weekly walk from Lexington to Bedford (Massachusetts). This winter has been extremely mild. So far we had only a little bit of snow, which melted each time within a day or tow. To top it off, this morning was overcast. Usually I like to enjoy the morning sun rays shining through trees and vegetation. Being overcast today, I knew that there was nothing to photograph, or so it seemed at first.

After getting over my frustration, I started to pay more attention, and then I saw “my” photographs. What follows now is a collection of what stood out for me this morning.

First I noticed the poison ivy roots growing on a tree and their delicate structure and coloration.

Then there were these mushrooms growing on a dead tree that were really colorful.

Next I really liked the tree reflection on the pond. Being that it was overcast, the mood of this photo just works out fine.

Just when I thought I was done, I noticed a little stream that was more stagnant than a stream, and I enjoyed the reflections of trees and the subtle color of leftover leaves from the fall in it.

These dead leaves on the branches just reflected my feelings of exhaustion and monotony this morning.

The last image I wanted to share here is an abstract image. It is the beltway that runs around our city (Rt. 128/I-95). During rush hour traffic usually looks like this. I have and continue to spend countless hours in traffic (when I am not walking to work). Sometimes I notice that I experience getting into a daze when my commute becomes very slow and I notice when I emerge out of the “slow zone”. This photo represents to me this daze I am in when traffic is not moving at all.

While I usually like to make photos that are as sharp as possible, this one taught me that on occasion the best photo may be one that is out of focus.

Are the photos I shared here my best work? Certainly not, but it showed me that when I change my attitude I can see better what is around me.

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