Cool places in Boston – Copley Square Public Library

During a Sunday afternoon walk through Boston’s Back Bay we decided to go inside the Public Library building (at Copley Square). We immediately enjoyed the marble stairwell and chandeliers.

Boston’s public library is one of the largest in the country.

On the second floor I liked the main reading area with its green lamps on the tables.

On the third floor we came across this beautifully ornate room. There was also an exhibit of American prints from different artists (etchings, lithographs, and woodcut prints) that we enjoyed a lot.

I was mostly impressed by the Mediterranean style court yard. The building was completed in 1895, and designed by a famous New York architecture firm.

Right now the court yard is empty, since we are technically in the middle of winter. I am sure this place will get busy once it gets warmer.

I would love to hear of beautiful public buildings in your city. We all have seen them from the outside, but may not have seen the inside.

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