Summer left but the Fall Crawl is on the way!

Now that my busy summer has come to a close, I want to get a head start on my winter crafts. I often make food items, crafts and gifts for friends and I want to share some of them with you. I also create items for sale and will share those as well. I’ll post photos as I go and some of you may see your birthday or Christmas gift long before those special dates. 

Right now I have a wonderful gift to share with you and that is the Fall Crawl! One of our most talented and beautiful friends, Marilyn, of the Artsygirl Connection, has created this web event to help highlight her work and that of many of her friends (like us!). Please check her out and the rest of the great people who have so much talent to share with you. These are tough financial times but participating in the Fall Crawl is free. Enjoy!! 


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