Wake up…


Here I am in the wee hours of the morning in bed, but awake. I was thinking about how busy I have been lately, how much I have accomplished, and how much more I have to do. I am not upset about the situation, in fact, I am grateful to have a life that is so full. I do not take any of this for granted. I was very ill a few years ago. With the love of my family and friends and the power of my spiritual life and modern medicine- I am here today.

Of course this is the modern world with many people and situations to complain about. We just completed an election here in the states that had many of us on edge and feeling negative. It is over now and somehow most of us survived it and are moving on as we always have.  

I’m not writing today to say look at what I have overcome! Get over your issues! Believe me, as long as life goes on, as long as my life goes on, I remain supremely human with all of the complications that may entail. What I am saying is that this morning I woke up early, in the dark and felt peace and happiness for a period of time despite all that is happening in the world and I was happy and  thought of you…


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