The most powerful emotion…

There are many troubling things going on in the world today. I sometimes find myself joining in the noise of the negative. When I catch myself behaving this way I turn to my spiritual beliefs and remember all of the things in this world that I love.

I realize that the love that I give is often more important than that which I receive. None of this has to do with romance, though romance can be fun! The love I am talking about isn’t based on physical attraction or whether or not we are happy with one another at this moment. The love I am talking about is more powerful and transformative than that.

I believe that the emotion of love is both powerful and a great gift. We all have it inside of us and can give it freely if we want to. We have it even if we don’t think that anyone loves us in return. This is where the power lies. I can decide, choose, to love another being and gain wonderful feelings from that. If my love is returned, then that is even more wonderful, though not always necessary.

We don’t control a lot of what happens to us on this earth, but we do have a lot of control over our emotions. I have been in difficult situations a number of times in my life, in fact, I am going through one now. The emotion that keeps me going, makes me get up every day feeling grateful that I did wake up is love. If I am anxious or fearful I am still grateful and look forward to spending time with those that I love. That’s transformative.

The ability to love is my most treasured quality. It’s the best gift I have ever been given and I hope it’s the best gift I ever gave. I can give it away freely and not feel bad if it is not returned. It matters because I wanted to give it. My family,friends, pets, and people I haven’t met yet can benefit from my gift. You have that power too.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving and one size really does fit most. What will you do with yours?

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