The busiest time of year…


I was thinking about the activities that I take part in at this time of year and for a moment I was overwhelmed. The idea of being busy is nothing new we are all busy. Like many of you I am a worker/small business owner, spouse, parent, social justice activist and church goer. In between all of that I also try to take care of my health, maintain friendships, take care of animals and participate in volunteer activities. All of these actions are year round but with the sun setting earlier and earlier every day…

 Thanksgiving and Christmas are approaching. I have great and fun activities ahead. There will be meals to cook, there are always crafts to make or products to design. My creativity and energy level are being challenged yet I am thankful for the opportunities.

O.k. I’m over it now. I feel happy to have a very full life. I don’t take it for granted, in fact, I marvel at it. Thanksgiving and Christmas are looming- no last minute stuff here! I like to plan and then act on those plans.

The question now is, what do I do next?



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