Out of the bad comes the really, really, good…

Especially when food is involved!

Last week I was sad and alarmed that my stove had finally conked out. It’s not like you can just run out and buy a new one. I first had to attempt to revive it by calling in a professional. The service person was kind and told me the repairs would cost almost $300 (this is the same person who told me that I must cook a lot and was shocked to find that I cook dinner most days.)

After the $65 service call, Lars and I decided to look on-line and then visit a couple of stores to see for ourselves what is being offered out there. I wasn’t very impressed with what we saw and I was annoyed they were all so expensive. Fortunately our last stop was the winner because this is where I found my gift: A Bosch series 300.

I say gift because I was planning on a repeat of what I had before a basic white stove that is cheap, blends in, and does the job.  I was totally surprised when my husband told me to pick the one I wanted! He said that my eyes lit up when I looked at the Bosch. They lit up alright (just like a Christmas tree) and probably stuck out too. I’m in love- with my husband and my stove. I know that I’m drooling and I promise to stop. In my next post I’ll show you what my first meal was. Thanks for putting up with me. That goes for my husband too! 

 Well friends, the new stove is in and here she is:


 Ahh, my new baby- sorry Kimba !

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