Sunset walk at Ponkapoag Boardwalk

Between Boston, Canton, and Milton in Massachusetts near where we live is the Blue Hills Reservation, a large conservation land. Ponkapoag Pond is at the Southern perimeter of the reservation. In the 1940s a boardwalk was constructed that leads approximately 1/2 mile through a cedar bog to the open shore of Ponkapoag Pond. Due to the acidic conditions inside the bog, unique vegetation can be found along the way, especially carnivorous plants.

When I first went to the boardwalk in 2008, I knew I wanted to begin a photo project. After not having been there for a while, it was an amazing experience tonight.

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2 Responses to Sunset walk at Ponkapoag Boardwalk

  1. Judy Jacobs says:

    I love your photos! It would be great if you’d upload some of them to the Friends of the Blue Hills Flickr group –

    Thanks for taking such wonderful photos of the Blue Hills!

    Judy Jacobs
    Friends of the Blue Hills

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your kind words. I will be happy to upload the photos and others to the Blue Hills Flickr group.


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